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International Accreditation

Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemist

is accredited by “the Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET,”

Mission Statement

To train professionals with human quality, competitive in the areas of chemical-biological sciences, clinical laboratory and pharmaceutical, trained to apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and values with commitment, social responsibility and efficiency, who perform with ethic and a spirit of service , achieving excellent performance of their professional practice, attending the demands of social and productive sectors nationally and internationally.

Vision Statement

The educational program in Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemist, is recognized nationally and internationally as a program of the highest academic quality, which caters to the need to train ethical proffesionals, competent and comprehensive leadership in the areas of chemical and biological sciences, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory actively responding to the scientific and technological innovation, and promoting the maintenance of health and social welfare.

Graduation Profile

The graduate of the bachelor program of PBC is the practitioner who applies knowledge, abilities and attitudes in the production of commodities and services for prevention, diagnosis, treatment support and monitoring of diseases. Also, he/she applies knowledge to the elaboration, evaluation and rational use of medicines, through the obtention and interpretation of chemical-biological, microbiological, hematological, immunological, genetical, pharmacological, toxicological, pharmaceutical and beverage- and food-related analysis and procedures with criteria of good quality, ethics, regulation, and social and environmental responsibility. Due to the integration of a solid training, he/she is trained to organize, conduct, manage and practice the profession in global and multidisciplinary spheres, in laboratories of clinical analysis, clinical pathology, genomic diagnostics, blood bank, forensic chemical, pharmaceutical and food and pharmacy industry, community and hospital pharmacy, health regulatory agencies and research centers.

Educational Objectives

The Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemist educational program is structured in such a form that will allow the students to obtain a solid integral education, so that they reach their professional goals and after a few years of graduation must be capable of:

  • 1. Been integrated in the productive and services sector for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases.
  • 2. Participate in a responsible and ethical way, under standards and quality criteria, in the processes of development, evaluation and rational use of medicines.
  • 3. Perform and interpret chemical, biochemical-clinical, molecular biological, pharmaceutical and toxicological through technology with social and environmental responsibility analysis.
  • 4. Practice in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary field to participate in solving problems in the area of health in the public and private sectors.
  • 5. Performing postgraduate studies in the area of Chemical Biological and Pharmaceutical sciences.

Student Outcomes:

Learning outcomes and competences of students
A Capability to apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, biology in the area of pharmaceutical and biological chemist.
B Capability to formulate and perform analysis, experiments and studies in the area pharmaceutical and biological chemistry, as well as analyze, interpret and report data.
C Capability and ability to design and develop processes to meet the needs of society in the chemical, clinic, pharmaceutical and toxicological area.
D Capability to lead and work in multidisciplinary teams.
E Capability and ability to identify and solve problems in the chemical, clinic, pharmaceutical and toxicological area.
F Capability and ability to behave in a responsible and ethical professional manner.
G Capability and ability of oral and written communication supported by information and communication technologies.
H Have the academic and ethical training in solving problems in their social and global environment.
I Recognize and promote their continuous updating in the pharmaceutical and biological chemistry area.
J Ability and capability of having a current and contemporary vision of the context in the pharmaceutical and biological chemist area.
K Capability to apply state-of-the art scientific and technological methods in the pharmaceutical and biological chemist area.