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International Accreditation

Bioprocesses Engineering

is accredited by “the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Mission Statement

To train bioprocess engineers to be able to analyze biological processes with the competencies to develop, operate, and optimize processes, to generate biotechnological products and services at a commercial scale; to benefit the productive and social sectors at local, regional, and global scopes; with an entrepreneur spirit stimulating the development of biotechnological industries, promoting environmental care with ethical and socially responsible attitude.

Educational Objectives

The program objectives are consistent with the UASLP, FCS, and Bioprocess Engineering mission statements. The objectives are published in the following web page: Ingeniería de Bioprocesos

The Bioprocesses Engineering program of Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi is designed for the students have a strong integral training to attain their professional goals few years after graduation to be able to fulfill:

  • A successful professional career in biological processes occurring at industries using living organisms or the products derived from them.
  • A promotion of the creation of biotech companies at local, regional or national level.
  • An advanced degree in the biotechnological area for teaching, researching or working in industry.
  • A responsible professional with ethical attitude and protecting the environment.
  • A promotion of multidisciplinary groups encouraging creativity and continuous updating with an effective use of communication and information technologies.
  • A contribution in the development of processes which generate products meeting the needs of the society.
A Apply biological and mathematical knowledge in the engineering area.
B Design and carry out experiments with analyses and interpretation of data.
C Design components and systems or bioprocesses to satisfy specific social needs in the bioprocess engineering area.
D Work with multidisciplinary groups.
E Identify, formulate, and solve bioprocess engineering problems.
F Work with ethical and professional responsibilities.
G Communicate effectively and efficiently.
H Visualize the impact of the proposed solutions with global, economic, environmental, and social vision.
I Commitment to maintain long-life learning.
J Posseses an integral and contemporary vision.
K Apply techniques and tools from modern engineering.

Following collegiated meetings involving the faculty and authorities from the FCS, looking to define the professional outcomes to be developed in the students attending the FCS; the specific outcomes for the BE program were defined since 2013. Table 3-1 shows the relationship between these outcomes and the ABET general criteria.